Our Vision

Our vision is a healthier world for all animals.

To reach this goal, we want to empower veterinarians to make timely and effective treatment decisions based on reliable test results.

We aim for a sustainable improvement of animal and human health by reducing the risk for antimicrobial resistances, contributing to disease control and by reducing the suffering of sick animals and their owners.

With our reliable molecular rapid tests, we provide immediate on-site diagnosis of infectious diseases and enable adequate treatment and hygiene measures.

Our Values

At livet we believe that animals deserve the best medical treatment available. Reliable diagnosis of the underlying disease is an integral part of this. Therefore, we developed a novel technology that allows for rapid and reliable testing of infectious diseases. With our reliable rapid tests, we improve animal health.

We want to have a positive impact on the people that work with us. With straightforward and innovative solutions, we increase the efficiency of our customers and partners.

We listen closely and communicate in a transparent and constructive manner to ensure a trusting cooperation.

We understand that our team is our biggest asset. At livet we act proactively and view challenges as an opportunity to grow. The joy in making the world a better place for animals is what drives us all.

Our Story

After succeeding in developing a new technology for molecular rapid tests at the Institute for infectious diseases of the University of Bern, Alexander Lüthi (PhD Biology) and Samuel Zürcher (Physician) decided to found certus molecular diagnostics in 2017. The company focuses on products for the quality control in labs. But they knew that their new technology could have a much bigger impact and wanted to know how they can use it to improve animal health.

Together with Tim Pfister (Economist) they founded livet in summer 2019. Our office and labs are located in the beautiful city of Bern, Switzerland. livet started off with a small team and has been growing ever since. Our team has extensive experience in the development and implementation of molecular tests as well as building up a company.

Our first product will be launched in Europe in 2021, followed later by the United States and other countries.

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livet as an employer

At livet we are a team, connected in our common goal to improve animal health by developing new solutions every day. We know that every individual is important for the success of the team and the company.

We offer room for independence and encourage people to take responsibility and bring in their own ideas. We strive to continuously develop on a personal and professional level.

Last but not least, we never miss out a chance to laugh together and find joy in what we are doing every day.

Why work for livet?

At livet you get the chance to join a passionate team, contribute to global animal health and develop personally.

  • "I started working for livet in Summer 2020. I work remotely but have found the company culture very refreshing. There is a dynamic mix of people and the positive team atmosphere drives productivity."
    - Head of Business Development and Sales
  • "Being part of the livet team makes me proud. It is fascinating to see how the livet tests are produced and how they work."
    - Intern Laboratory
  • "I've been working for livet since its foundation in July 2019. I find the company's aim of improving animal health very appealing and I'm proud to be able to contribute to that with my work."
    - Head of Assay Development
  • "The work at livet is very interesting and exciting, no two days look the same. For me the most important thing is that everybody at livet is considered important and that we are all going together in the same direction: improving animal health."
    - Head of Laboratory


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