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Who we are

We care for animals

We believe that animals deserve the best medical treatment available. Correct diagnosis of the underlying disease is an integral part of this. Therefore, we developed a novel technology that allows for rapid and reliable testing of infectious diseases.

An accurate and fast diagnosis allows for adequate measures to be taken in time: additional damage to the health of the affected animal and further disease spreading can be prevented.

LiVET is a Swiss startup with a profound knowledge and expertise in molecular detection of microorganisms.

Our molecular rapid tests allow for point-of-care results within 30 minutes.

Our Technology

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The sample, which is easily collected, is directly mixed with our reagents and put into the device for evaluation.

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During the evaluation period of only 30 minutes, the sample is tested for pathogenic DNA/RNA with highest specificity and sensitivity.

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Faster than ever the result is available and a suitable and efficient treatment can be started.

Rapid and reliable: our novel isothermal amplification technology

Every microorganism has a unique genetic code with specific gene sequences. Just like the PCR, which is increasingly considered as the gold standard for diagnosing infectious diseases, our technology targets and amplifies sequences specific to a certain pathogen. However, while PCR relies on temperature cycling, our method is performed at a constant temperature. This leads to a strongly reduced amplification time and results are typically obtained within 30 minutes. Thus, our technique combines the sensitivity and specificity of PCR with the speed of a rapid test.

To make sure that the reaction is set up correctly, and that no inhibitory substances in the sample interfere with DNA/RNA amplification, our reagent mix includes an additional DNA template (internal control) that is amplified in negative samples. This way, both positive and negative results can be trusted with certainty.


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